Japanese Red Cross relief team Visit visit in Chiba Prefecture such as elderly people September 13 22:44

Due to Typhoon No. 15, many people in Chiba Prefecture are still forced to live in power outages and water outages. On the 13th, doctors from the Japanese Red Cross relief team traveled around evacuation centers throughout the prefecture to examine elderly people who are concerned about their health condition.

In Chiba Prefecture, on the fifth day after a large-scale blackout caused by Typhoon No.15, many people are forced to live in power outages and water outages.

On the 13th, a relief team consisting of about 40 doctors and nurses entered Chiba Prefecture from the branches of the Japanese Red Cross Society in Kanto.

Visited evacuation centers and senior citizens' homes in Minamiboso and Tateyama, where there are many power outages. I visited to see if my condition was getting worse.

The male daughter (56) said, “I was very relieved just because the doctor came to my house and told me that I ’m okay” because there was a power outage and there was limited gasoline. ” I was talking.

Dr. Takuro Someya, a relief team, said, “Because of such an emergency, I want to do what I can do as a doctor on the Red Cross and encourage those who have suffered even a little.”

In the future, it is planned to go to evacuation centers and houses in local governments in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture for several days.