Acceptance of disaster volunteers begins Chiba Tateyama September 13 12:37


In Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, where the roof tiles of the house were broken and the glass was broken under the influence of Typhoon No. 15, acceptance of disaster volunteers to help with cleaning up has begun.

In Tateyama City, damages such as broken roofs and broken glass caused by Typhoon No.15 occurred.

For this reason, the city's social welfare council has started accepting disaster volunteers from the 12th to help clean up the elderly living alone.

By the morning of the 13th, there were more than 50 registrations, including individuals and groups. On the 13th, employees were busy answering inquiries by phone from the morning.

It is said that there are many requests from residents that they want to clean up the broken parts of the house or to put blue sheets.

Volunteer registration is requested by telephone or by visiting the social welfare council's window. However, since the council has a number of inquiries, in order to avoid confusion, “ I want to ask people who live in. "

Deputy Director Shigeo Ikeda, Tateyama City Social Welfare Council Secretariat, said, “Thankfully, we have received many registrations, but there are still damages, so if you are lost, please register.”