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Super stores operating in Chiba | NHK News


The main stores operating at supermarkets in Chiba are as follows.

Supermarket operating in Chiba Prefecture September 12 19:48

The main stores operating at supermarkets in Chiba are as follows.

▽ Kawaguchi, headquartered in Chiba City,
Owada store and Yone main store in Yachiyo city, Shizu store in Sakura city, Higashi Chiba store in Chuo-ku, Chiba city and discount market fresh food building, Mabashi store in Matsudo city, Hiyoshidai store in Togane city, Kiyomi forest in Oamishirasato city The store is “Datsuno Asahi” in Asahi.

The two stores, “SC Kotehashi Chuo store” and “Kotehashi Minami store” in Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba, are closed due to the power outage. , Retort food, bread and other stores are sold until sunset.

▽ Land Loam Japan, headquartered in Funabashi,
Chiba City Chuo Ward Yahagi Store, Funabashi City Misaki Store, Shirai City Nishishiroi Store, Chiba City Inage Ward Sanno Store, Inzai City New Town South Store, Yachimata City Yachimata Store, Futtsu City Futtsu Store, Chiba The Toga store in Wakaba City, Tomisato store in Tomisato city, Fusa south exit in Abiko city, Kinoshita store in Inzai city, Katsutadai store in Sakura city, and Otsugaoka store in Sakai city are open.

The Sanmu store in Sanmu city and the Higashiyoshida store in Yachimata city are closed due to power outages.
These two stores are selling over-the-counter products from 10 am to 4 pm, such as water, cup noodles, and packed rice, until the power failure is resolved.

▽ Odoya, headquartered in Tateyama City,
Tateyama City Super Center Tateyama Store, Ojingu Store, Tateyama Kaigan Store, Hojo Store, Kuju Store, Minamiboso Chikura Store, Shirahama Store, Kamogawa City Kamogawa Store, Plaza Store, Futtsu City Futtsu Store, Kisarazu City The Hatorino store, Kiyomidai store, and Kominato store in Kimitsu city are open.

Seven stores have stopped operating due to the effects of power outages, etc., and some stores that are currently operating are taking measures to shorten business hours more than usual, taking into account the arrival status of products. about it.

▽ Hayashi, headquartered in Mobara City and developing Food Plaza Hayashi,
Of the 13 stores in the prefecture, the main store in Mobara, Asmo, Rokutsuno, Shirasato in Oamishirasato, Oami, Sanmu in Sanmu, Shiroko in Shirako, Katsuura in Katsuura, The Serizawa store in Serizawa, the Isogo store in Choshi, and the Asahi store in Asahi are in operation.

The two stores of Kujukuri-machi "Katagai" and Mobara-shi "Honna" are no longer in operation.

Source: nhk

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