Chiba Prefecture, about 23,100 households with water outage (as of 8:00 am) September 12, 10:54

Recovery from water outages due to typhoons is progressing gradually, but water supply is still unavailable in some areas of Chiba Prefecture.

According to Chiba Prefecture, as of 8:00 am on the 12th, there are still about 23,100 households supplying water from the eight water utilities in the prefecture.

▽ About 11,360 households in the Kazusa Water Supply Wide-area Enterprise Group, which has jurisdiction over Kimitsu City, Futtsu City, Sodegaura City, and Kisarazu City
▽ About 6000 households in Minamiboso
▽ About 4080 households in Tako
▽ Approximately 870 households in Kamogawa City
▽ About 230 households in Ichihara City
▽ About 230 households in Konancho
▽ About 220 households in Otaki Town
▽ The Miyoshi Water Works Company, which has jurisdiction over Tateyama City, has about 170 households.