Typhoon influence Cellular phone and landline telephone situation 12:35 on September 12

According to mobile companies, power outages continued due to the impact of Typhoon No.15, making it difficult to connect and communicate with mobile phones and smartphones in some areas of the Kanto region and Shizuoka Prefecture. This is supported by deploying mobile base stations and mobile power supply vehicles.

In mobile companies, there are places where base stations that exchange radio waves with devices such as smartphones are not functioning due to the power outage, and it is difficult to make calls and communications.

Of these, NTT DoCoMo has difficulty in connecting mobile phones in some of the following regions.
▽ Chiba Prefecture has 43 municipalities such as Inage Ward, Funabashi City and Tateyama City in Chiba City.
▽ Kanagawa Prefecture is Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kamakura City.
▽ Tokyo is Oshima Town, Niijima Village.

KDDI has difficulty in connecting mobile phones in some of the following regions.
▽ Chiba Prefecture has 34 cities and towns such as Midori Ward and Wakaba Ward in Chiba City.
▽ Ibaraki Prefecture is Iwata City and Kashima City.
▽ Oshima Town in Tokyo.

▽ Some areas of 24 cities and towns such as Wakaba Ward, Chiba City, Tateyama City, Minamiboso City in Chiba Prefecture.
▽ Mobile phones are difficult to connect in Kawazu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Each company publishes a list of regions that are difficult to connect on their homepage.

In addition, mobile base stations and mobile power supply vehicles are deployed.

Three major mobile phone companies have installed mobile phone chargers that can be used free of charge at stores and public facilities, mainly in Chiba Prefecture, where there is a power outage.

In addition, each company has released wireless communication = Wi-Fi free of charge at stations and commercial facilities in Chiba Prefecture.

If you bring your smartphone or PC to the location where Wi-Fi is installed and set the network name to “00000 JAPAN”, you can use the Internet free of charge regardless of the contracted mobile company.

You can use it by selecting 5 "0" from the network connection screen and J, A, P, A, N in Roman characters, and there is no need for user registration or password entry.

In addition, three major mobile phone companies provide a “Disaster Message Board” service that allows users to register and confirm safety information in text form via the Internet.

On the other hand, according to NTT East, the emergency power supply of communication facilities has stopped, so the phone is not connected with approximately 46,000 lines in a wide area in Chiba Prefecture, and the Internet is not connected with 32,000 lines. It is.

In NTT East, approximately 7,000 public telephones in Chiba Prefecture can be used free of charge.