One year after the Hokkaido earthquake 600 bereaved families and inhabitants celebrated on September 7, Atsumacho, Hokkaido, 15:27

A memorial ceremony was held on July 7 in Atsuma-cho, Hokkaido, where 37 people were sacrificed due to a massive landslide caused by the earthquake in September last year, and mourned the people whose bereaved families died.

A memorial service was held in Atsuma-cho in the 6th year since the occurrence of the Eastern Iburi Earthquake in September last year, and more than 600 people including the bereaved family and residents, as well as governor Suzuki, attended.

After all the silence, Mayor Akira Miyasaka said, “The people who were sacrificed were irreplaceable people for Atsuma Town. ”I want to stand up together with the townspeople to regain the brightness of their hometown, Atsuma Town.”

In addition, Shinichi Hayasaka (54), who represented the bereaved family and lost his parents, said, “It is not so easy to accept the fact that we suddenly lost our family and friends. "I want to be happy, not crying forever."

After this, the attendees offered flowers to the altar and mourned those who died. In Asma-cho, Anping-cho, and Mukawa-cho, where major damage has occurred, even after one year has passed since the earthquake, more than 700 residents have been forced to live in temporary housing, etc. It has become an issue.