Approaching Typhoon No. 15 Ogasawara Approaching near Kanto from Sunday night to Monday, September 7, 11:54

The strong typhoon No. 15 is expected to approach the Ogasawara Islands in the future, accompanied by a storm area. The typhoon may approach the Kanto region while maintaining its power from the 8th / Sunday night to the 9th / Monday, and there is a risk that the rain and wind will suddenly increase. Pay attention to the latest information and be prepared early.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, strong typhoon No. 15 is expected to travel west of Northwest at a speed of 35 km per hour, 200 km off the coast of Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands, at noon on the 7th.

The atmospheric pressure at the center is 970 hectopascals, the maximum wind speed near the center is 35 meters, the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 50 meters, and within a radius of 110 km from the center there is a wind storm with a wind speed of 25 meters or more.

The typhoon will approach the Ogasawara Islands from now on at night, and may approach the Kanto area from the night of the 8th to the 9th with the power remaining.

In the Ogasawara Islands, the wind suddenly strengthens as the typhoon approaches, and in the Kanto, Tokai, and Izu Islands, there is a risk of intense winds from the 8th to the 9th.

The maximum wind speed expected over the 8th is
▽ 35 meters in Kanto and Izu Islands
▽ 30 meters in Tokai,
▽ At 25 meters in Ogasawara Islands,
Maximum instantaneous wind speed is expected to reach 35-50 meters.

On the sea, it is expected that there will be a fierce loss over the 8th, and the wave height is ▽ 9m in the Izu Islands,
▽ 8 meters in Kanto and Tokai,
▽ It is expected to be 7 meters in the Ogasawara Islands.

In Kanto Koshin, Tokai, and the Izu Islands, there are places where intense rain falls with lightning locally since the 8th, and there is a risk of very heavy rain in Tohoku.

The amount of rain that falls in the 24 hours until the morning of the 8th is expected to be 100 millimeters in the Tokai.
▽ From 300mm to 400mm in Tokai,
▽ 200mm to 300mm in Kanto Koshin and Izu Islands,
▽ It is expected to be 100mm to 150mm in Tohoku.

The Japan Meteorological Agency calls on the Ogasawara Islands to be wary of storms and high waves and to be careful about heavy rain.

In the Kanto, Tokai, and Izu Islands, it is expected that the rain and wind will increase suddenly after the 8th, so be careful of the latest information such as the course of the typhoon and the approaching time zone, so please be prepared early.