This article is from Beau Monde magazine. Nothing beats his own Chateau Marillaux. But what if he was offered another castle, where would Martien Meiland live?

Haga Palace, Stockholm

"This is too manic for my taste. No chateau, but something that stands in the middle between the castle and the farm. Inside it is completely right and it is an elegant unit - very beautiful those royal blue chairs in the dining room and that beautiful couch with huge plate in the sitting room. "

"But the exterior is too tight. A chateau must have a fairytale appearance. People who come to Chateau Marillaux also like that. Such a huge driveway that leads to a large castle: fantastic."

Burg Hohenzollern, Hechingen

"Look at that impressive chandelier. A chandelier is a must in every chateau. I can't fault the decor. Classic, well-kept and large elements. Red is a good choice for a castle. It is a warm color that is good combines with wood. "

"By the way, blue is also bon . And gold, that's why we now have golden faucets in our rooms. That's more chateau-worthy. The exterior of Burg Hohenzollern also appeals to me. Yes, I could live here."

Marselisborg Slot, Aarhus

"That is hard for me from Denmark. I can live with the outside of the chateau. Nice, but a little too tight. But then inside ... Somewhat terribly decorated, really a hodgepodge. Recycled furniture. Small rotvaasjes in the window. It doesn't look. "

"My hands are itching to restyle. I would throw everything out and start over again. Make it a fresh whole. Place large elements, add symmetry. Two beautiful lamps, beautiful sidetables, a beautiful sofa, two armchairs. on the shovel. "

Highclere Castle, Hamsphire

"Ah, the castle of Downton Abbey. Impressive, very large. This chateau will be expensive to maintain. On the outside I have no comment, I think it is very beautiful."

"I think it's too much of a color explosion inside. Green, blue, red: how many different shades can you put together in one room? The rooms need to be quieter, also in terms of prints and furniture, so that it becomes more of a unit. No. Or to stay in English terms: not my cup of tea . "

Huis ten Bosch, The Hague

"A picture! It has nothing to do with chauvinism if I say that this is really beautiful. The symmetry of Huis ten Bosch is perfect, both inside and out."

"The interior, with all those special blue hues, is definitely a unity. You can see that a talented interior expert has been put to work here. The most beautiful castle of the six, I would like to live here. My only pity: the coffee tables. I find them a bit too tight in this classic setting. "

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