Saga Omachi-cho Major damage to crops before harvest due to oil spill August 30 16:45

In Omachi-cho, Saga Prefecture, where oil spilled from the factory due to heavy rain, oil-mixed water flows into paddy fields and fields, causing serious damage to crops before harvesting.

Of these, the paddy fields and fields about 200 meters away from the oil-spilled Saga Iron Works Omachi Plant were about to reach the harvest season for the rice and soybeans that were cultivated.

However, due to the inflow of water mixed with oil, it is almost impossible to harvest.

In addition, even if the water is pulled, there is a concern that the effect will remain in the future because the oil adheres to the soil. In addition, agricultural machinery such as tractors were damaged.

Takahiro Shima (59), who has been farming since his grandfather's generation, said, “The crops we cultivated with great care have almost become useless.