86-year-old man collapsed at home Suspected heat stroke Tochigi Koyama Aug 7 14:17

On the 6th, an 86-year-old man at home in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, died of symptoms that seemed to be heat stroke. The air conditioner in the room was not used, so the prefecture calls for adequate measures such as using the air conditioner appropriately.

According to Tochigi Prefecture and the fire department, around 4 o'clock on the 6th, my wife found that an 86-year-old man living in this house fell down in a house in Oyama, and reported it to the fire department.

The man was taken to the hospital, but his death was confirmed shortly. The cause of death is seen as heat stroke.

According to the prefecture, the man was resting in the room at around noon on the 6th, complaining of poor physical condition to his family, but the indoor air conditioner was not used.

In Oyama City, the highest temperature during the day became a fierce heat of 35 degrees 2 minutes.

Since Tochigi Prefecture has increased the risk of heat stroke even when it is indoors, it is calling for adequate measures such as taking enough water and salt and using air conditioners appropriately.