A smart kitchen sounds futuristic, but is closer than you think. There are now all sorts of smart gadgets, such as a dishwasher that adjusts the amount of rinsing water to the amount of dirty dishes.

Vtwonen delves into the benefits that these clevernesses can bring to your household. Read here how the internet takes over your kitchen.

Switch on remotely

It sometimes comes to mind: Have I turned on the dishwasher now? With Home Connect from Bosch you can easily control your household appliances: from the dishwasher to the extractor hood and the oven. You do that with an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer that can be operated from any location.

Food ready as soon as you get home

This way you simply check the status of your dishwasher on your smartphone and then switch on the program if necessary. And thanks to the oven that you switch on remotely, the lasagna that you had already prepared is ready when you get home. So that you can sit directly at the table when you have hung your coat.

Always a nice cup of coffee

Are you only approachable after your first cup of coffee? Then there is good news. A built-in coffee machine with Home Connect from Bosch ensures that your cup is ready when you want it. All you have to do is make sure your cup is ready under the machine in the morning.

Cool fridge

Thanks to Home Connect from Bosch you can view the contents of your refrigerator at any time in the app via integrated cameras. This way you avoid having to go back to the supermarket because you have forgotten something or you buy items that you still had.

Want to know more about such a smart kitchen? Read the entire article on vtwonen.nl and follow a special Home Connect workshop.