The brothers Hakim and Karim Traïdia organize the first International Maghreb Film Festival (MFF) from 6 to 9 December in Haarlem. The festival focuses on film culture in the North African Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).

At various locations in Haarlem, 24 films can be seen during the festival, including the feature film Mustapha Z. In total there are twelve feature films and twelve short films. The main theme is: The Woman, both in front, behind, and next to the camera.

Hakim Traïdia is known for Sesame Street and founder of Circus Hakim. His brother Karim is known as director of the film The Polish Bride, who has been awarded two Golden Calves.

"We want to show something beautiful from the culture of the North African region where Karim and I grew up", says Hakim. "In this way we offer opportunities for unknown cinematographic talent here, and I believe that culture brings us together, binds us, but above all: culture makes life less acidic."

A large number of filmmakers, actors and actresses are present during the festival to present their films and to discuss this with the public. The discussions are led by Dutch and non-Dutch filmmakers, journalists and other experts in the field of film.