Thanks to Lewis Hamilton's victory in Saudi Arabia, the Briton travels to the end of the season in Abu Dhabi with as many points as Max Verstappen.

But what actually happens if both drivers crash and remain scoreless?

After the spectacular race in Jeddah, the calculation is quite simple: the title candidate who scores more points than his competitor is world champion.

Because Verstappen has taken more victories than Hamilton (nine to eight), Verstappen would become world champion if both remain scoreless in the final race.

If Verstappen and Hamilton crash in a so-called race incident - a crash in which both are to blame - Verstappen is declared champion.

That would be a different story if it were obvious that Verstappen deliberately drove Hamilton off the track.

Disqualification or points deduction would then be a logical next step.

In the most extreme case, Verstappen could even be disqualified for an entire season.

It happened to Michael Schumacher in 1997 at the closing race in Jerez, Spain.

Schumacher tried to prevent his title competitor Jacques Villeneuve from overtaking him, sent his Ferrari against Villeneuve's Williams and watched his race come to an end.

Villeneuve was able to continue, while Schumacher stranded in the gravel.

The Canadian finished third and secured his world title.

Because it was obvious that Schumacher deliberately drove into Villeneuve, he was removed from the final standings for the entire season.

Michael Schumacher (right) deliberately sends in to Jacques Villeneuve in 1997 and is dropped from the entire Formula 1 season.

Michael Schumacher (right) deliberately sends in to Jacques Villeneuve in 1997 and is dropped from the entire Formula 1 season.

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Schumacher also involved in 1994 title crash

Also in 1994, Schumacher was involved in a very controversial end of the season.

The German was in a fierce title fight with Damon Hill, who had traveled one point behind Schumacher to the final race in Australia.

Halfway through the race, the leading Schumacher made a mistake, after which Hill saw his chance.

The Briton parked his Williams next to Schumacher's car, who in turn steered full into Hill's car.

Schumacher almost flew over and ended up in the gravel.

Hill was able to continue for a while, but later had to give up, making Schumacher the champion.

Although Schumacher was severely beaten by all his fellow drivers, the stewards dismissed the crash as a racing incident.

Schumacher has maintained throughout the rest of his career that he did not see Hill and that he certainly did not intend to crash intentionally.

What the stewards will do in the event of a crash of Verstappen and Hamilton, of course, depends entirely on the situation.

The fact remains that Verstappen is not just off the track without consequences

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can drive.