National coach Jan Coopmans of the Dutch speed skating team has suffered a concussion from his hard fall during training for the World Cup in Salt Lake City.

The Limburger has since been released from hospital.

Coopmans, 64, was pushed down on Thursday by a Polish skater who had fallen and slipped on the ice.

The Dutchman fell hard with his head on the ice and briefly lost consciousness.

He quickly regained consciousness, but went to the hospital in Salt Lake City as a precaution for some tests.

There was "luckily only" diagnosed with a concussion.

After one night in hospital, Coopmans returned to his hotel in Salt Lake City and is still being monitored by the federal doctor.

Naturally, he has to miss the matches on Saturday and Sunday in the American city.

"With regard to the World Cup in Calgary (December 10-12, ed.), we are looking at how we will divide the tasks around the team parts, and whether or not there is a role for Jan as a coach. His health and recovery are paramount. ", says technical director Remy de Wit on


As national coach at the skating association, Coopmans is responsible for the team components, including the team pursuit, the mass start and the team sprint.

His duties in Salt Lake City are taken over by the on-site support of the commercial teams.

The World Cup in the United States started on Friday and will be continued on Saturday with the second 500 meters for women, the 1,500 meters, the 1,000 meters and the mass start for men and the team pursuit for the women.

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