The Ministry of Health (VWS) wants to accelerate the use of booster shots against COVID-19 at the end of this week.

That is what a spokesperson said to on Wednesday.

"A planning had been made, which is going faster than expected. That is why we can now start an offensive," said the spokesperson.

On Friday, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will send a letter to the House of Representatives about the booster offensive.

Then it will also become clear who exactly will help to realize the acceleration.

It was previously announced that 750 military personnel will help with injections and in some cases also take tests.

Medical students will also be taking booster shots.

For example, VWS wants to "vaccinate the largest possible group of elderly people before the end of the year".

GGDs started giving booster shots in people over eighty on November 18.

About 98,000 people from the year 1939 or earlier have had a booster shot at the GGD.

An additional 89,000 booster shots are expected this week.

Because injections are also made in care institutions with their own medical service, such as hospitals and nursing homes, VWS expects to have administered 700,000 booster shots by the end of this week.

The acceleration has to come on top of that.

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Age remains decisive for order

To date, nursing homes have received 181,000 vaccines intended for residents.

The nearly 300,000 vaccines supplied to hospitals are for their own hospital staff.

Defense has so far received 29,000 vaccines.

The spokesperson emphasizes that the order in which people are invited for a booster shot is still based on age.

In older people, it has been shown that protection starts to decline after about six months after a vaccination.

In addition to the booster shots, third shots are also made.

These are for people with an immune disorder.

The third shot consists of a larger dose than a booster shot.

Since October, 107,000 third shots have been taken in people with weak immune systems.

According to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) this means that the group has been almost completely primed.

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