RIVM reported on Tuesday that the infection figures appear to be stabilizing as a result of the corona measures that came into effect in mid-November.

However, many NUjij visitors wondered whether this is not because the GGDs can no longer take tests.

That's most likely not the case, and that's how it is.

The GGD carried out more tests, but the share of positive tests decreased.

Umbrella organization GGD GHOR previously reported that the test capacity is being scaled up both nationally and regionally, and that seems to be happening every week.

In the second week of November, GGDs took about 554,000 tests.

A week later, that number was 630,000 tests, and 667,000 tests were taken in the past week.

While the number of tests taken rose, the proportion of positive tests actually decreased.

In the past week, 21.4 percent of the tests taken were positive, compared to 22.2 percent in the week before.

That is a small decrease, but because more tests were taken, it is a sign that the number of infections is stabilizing.

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GGD GHOR informed NU.nl that it is not yet at the maximum test capacity.

There are, however, certain 'peak moments' in a day.

Then many people call at the same time to make an appointment and it is therefore busy.

According to the GGD, anyone who wants to can still be tested.

Sometimes you just have to choose a different time or location to avoid crowds.

People don't always do that though.

RIVM top woman Aura Timen called it "not plausible" in conversation with NU.nl on Tuesday that the test capacity at the GGDs is a cause of the stabilization of the number of positive tests.

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The increase in the number of hospital figures also appears to be leveling off (cautiously)

, although many people still end up in hospitals.

The number of hospital admissions is an important core value for the OMT and the outgoing cabinet when monitoring the virus.

In the past week, a total of 1,996 people were hospitalized because of a corona infection.

A week earlier, there were 1,963 admitted patients.

That is still an increase, but it is much smaller than in the weeks before.

This flattening is an excellent sign that the stabilization is a result of the measures.

Hospital admissions have nothing to do with the testing capacity of the GGD.

If people get sick enough, they'll end up in the hospital anyway - whether they've been tested or not.

The number of admissions to intensive care continues to rise.

This is because patients often end up in the nursing ward first and only then in the IC.

Because hospital admissions are leveling off, it is expected that the same will soon happen to the number of IC admissions.

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