Princess Beatrix thoroughly enjoyed her four-day working visit to Curaçao.

She hopes to be able to go back one day.

"I am very happy and I love this island very much," the 83-year-old princess said during a press moment.

The princess says that she is well and that she had a good time on the island.

She leaves the island again on Sunday evening after four days.

"I enjoy immensely, especially what you experience here. The dedication, the care for people, the care for animals and for nature as a whole."

During her visit, the princess also learned a lot, for example that coral is an animal and not a plant.

"They can eat, listen, feel. Nobody really knows that and now you can see it."

The working visit was devoted to 25 years of collaboration between nature organizations within the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, activities of social organizations and the impact of the corona pandemic on the island.