Four employees of the Extra Secure Institution (EBI) in Vught went into hiding urgently for fear of a violent action.

They did this on October 9, a day after the Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced that Ridouan T. had prepared an escape attempt,




The Public Prosecution Service had indications that Taghi was looking for "address details of prison staff" before his possible outbreak attempt.

Information that


has seen shows that the names of the four employees were on a list and that partly for this reason they were brought to safety.

The existence of that list has been




by sources who are well aware of the Taghi file.

The concrete threat to the four EBI employees has caused great unrest among prison staff.

Even before the news of Taghi's outbreak attempt became known, the staff had asked for additional measures.

For example, they wanted to wear masks to prevent Taghi and other suspects from finding out their identity.

Earlier this week, current affairs




that the guards of Ridouan T. are now wearing balaclavas.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects Ridouan T.'s nephew, lawyer Youssef T., of transferring messages to the outside world.

In addition, the lawyer would also have been looking for data from EBI employees in order to put them under pressure.

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