Poland fears a massive breakthrough of refugees from Belarus at the borders.

These are Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and others who are being brought in by the regime in Belarus with the sole aim of sending them west as quickly as possible.

The Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko hopes that this will shake neighboring countries such as Poland and Lithuania, but also Germany.

He wants to take revenge for European sanctions against his regime.

Images of hundreds of refugees flocking to the border with Poland can be seen on social media.

They are trying to break through the barbed wire fence.

Furthermore, large groups walk on the highway at the border town of Brest and in the woods there towards the west.

The Polish government in Warsaw decided to hold crisis consultations.

The Polish Ministry of Defense accuses the rulers in Minsk of a new escalation of the crisis.

There is already a state of emergency at the borders.

The number of Polish border soldiers has increased to 12,000.

Some of the migrants flown to Belarus come via Moscow.

Lukashenko is getting full backing from Russian President Vladimir Putin in his attempt to destabilize Western countries, observers report.

EU imposed sanctions on Belarus last year

During his tenure, Lukashenko not only cracked down on critical journalists and opposition members, but also greatly expanded the head of state's power over parliament.

The EU imposed sanctions in October last year in condemnation of the crackdown by the Belarusian security forces during the demonstrations following Lukashenko's re-election on 9 August 2020.

The sanctions also related to this re-election itself: Lukashenko's sixth term in office is not recognized by the EU, as there was likely evidence of electoral fraud.

The dictator, who has reigned for almost 27 years, won the elections with an overwhelming majority: more than 80 percent of the inhabitants would have voted for him.


VIDEO: Several hundred migrants gather behind barbed wire on the Belarusian side of the Polish-Belarusian border


Author AFPMoment of places12: 53 - November 8, 2021

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