Lawyers who visit their client in the Extra Secure Institution (EBI) in Vught are no longer allowed to take laptops or other data carriers with them.



writes that this policy has been in effect since last week and is based on a letter from the management.

It is the EBI where Ridouan T. resides.

The management of the prison in Vught says that they made this decision for safety.

In fact, it was already the case that lawyers were not allowed to take data carriers with them to the EBI, but the management allowed this until last week.

"Continuation of this working method is not justified at the moment or is not compatible with the safety of the EBI", writes the management of the PI Vught.

"From now on, it is not allowed to import digital data carriers."

It is the EBI where Ridouan T. resides and where he received his cousin Youssef T., who was also his lawyer, until the beginning of October.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, T. was able to communicate freely with the outside world through the lawyer.

"In addition, there are indications that he was looking for address details of prison staff," said the Public Prosecution Service.

As a result of this incident, outgoing minister Sander Dekker (Legal Protection) said that he wanted to take a critical look at the rules for lawyers for serious criminals.

It concerns a "specific group of serious criminals" who may have to deal with deviating rules "when it comes to the right to advocacy".

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