The Brabant psychologist Wim van Dijk has given a suicide drug, the so-called Middel X, to more than a hundred people.

That is what Van Dijk says in an interview with

de Volkskrant on



According to the newspaper, it is the first time that someone in the Netherlands who provides that suicide drug has made themselves known.

Middel X is a white preservative in powder form that is available in the Netherlands in chemical wholesalers.

The Ministry of Justice has banned the Cooperative Last Will (CLW) from providing the drug to its members.

Despite this, the drug is now illegally distributed.

Van Dijk reported to the Eindhoven office on Tuesday at the request of the police.

He was arrested for violation of the Medicines Act and assisted suicide.

Although he invoked his right to remain silent during the interrogation, he now tells his story in the media.

In this way, he hopes that the debate about the euthanasia law can be continued.

"I am aware of the consequences of my story. I don't care," said Van Dijk in

the Volkskrant


He hopes other providers will follow suit now that he has spoken out publicly.

"I want the social unrest to become so great that the judiciary cannot ignore it. I don't care if they arrest me or put me in jail. I want something to happen."

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced earlier this week that a 78-year-old man from Den Bosch was arrested on Tuesday and has since been released.

His exact role is still being investigated, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

Are you thinking about suicide?

You are not alone.

Contact 113 Suicide Prevention via or call 113 (local rate) or 0800-0113 (free).

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