The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the ambassadors of ten countries, including that of the Netherlands.

The reason is a statement in which the countries are calling on Turkey to release businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala, Turkish state






In addition to the Dutch ambassador, those from Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, the United States, France and Germany are also summoned.

Kavala, a respected figure in intellectual circles in Turkey and abroad, has now been in prison for four years.

Last year he was acquitted of financing protests in Istanbul in 2013 after a life sentence, but was immediately charged with involvement in the thwarted coup in 2016.

The European Court of Human Rights ordered the government of President Erdogan, which the activist Kavala is critical of, to release him in December 2019.

The court in Strasbourg says he is being held in order to silence him.

The Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers, which oversees the implementation of rulings by the human rights court, announced last month that it would open criminal proceedings against Turkey if Kavala is not released before its next meeting on November 30.

The consequence of this could be that the country's voting rights and membership could be suspended in the country organization that monitors democracy and human rights.

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