RIVM wants to get rid of many hundreds of flavorings for e-cigarettes.

The selection of flavors must be limited to 23, the institute wrote to the cabinet in an advice published on Friday.

The substances that have to disappear, for example, taste like fruit and not like tobacco.

Smoking is made less appealing when these flavors disappear, argue the health experts.

Manufacturers still use hundreds of flavorings.

The government wants to ensure that only tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes are allowed on the market, because certain sweet and fruity flavors stimulate smoking.

As a result, the use of e-cigarettes is increasing, especially among young people.

The Ministry of Health must draw up the new rules.

RIVM warns that the reduction may also make e-cigarettes less attractive as a smoking cessation aid.

"This can also mean that users will add flavors themselves. This can be done with aromas that are available separately."

RIVM advises the ministry to take this into account when drawing up new rules.

The trade association of aroma sellers predicts in conversation with


that many companies will collapse if the government goes through with the plan.

A spokesperson speaks of "symbol politics without scientific basis" and expects users to develop their own flavors in the future.

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