US President Joe Biden met with former President Bill Clinton on Friday, a spokesman said.

Biden says Clinton will be allowed to leave the hospital soon.

Whether that is still this weekend, he dared not say.

Former President Clinton has been treated in recent days for sepsis, a complication of an infection.

"President Biden hopes President Clinton will recover quickly and is looking forward to the next meeting," the spokesman said.

The former president was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after he showed severe symptoms of fatigue.

Clinton (75) has been given antibiotics and fluids in recent days.

According to Biden, Clinton was in good shape when they spoke.

His wife Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate, paid a visit on Thursday.

Clinton previously struggled with health problems.

In 2004, he had to undergo bypass surgery.

Six years later, following new complaints of chest pain, two tubes were placed in the arteries around the heart to prevent future blockages or strictures.

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