A draft leaked to the media on Friday confirmed that U.S. president-elect Joe Biden won votes in Arizona’s largest constituency.

Several news outlets report this.

The vote on the vote had taken place since the November elections last year.

According to news agencies, the recount shows that Biden gained 99 more votes in the Maricopa constituency and Trump lost 261. In all, Biden won the Maricopa constituency by about 45,000 votes.

The result of the counting of votes will be officially announced at night in Finnish time.

- This was Donald Trump's best chance to show that the election result was distorted, but his troops did not succeed.

This is a big loss for Donald Trump, commented Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg.

The votes of the state of Arizona contributed to deciding Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Biden’s victory was tight, as he only got about 10,000 more votes than Trump.

Trump said in a statement that the recalculation confirmed the forgery and said election officials would release a “completely different” final report later on Friday in U.S. time.

Sources NPR, Reuters.