One of the two lava flows created by the volcanic eruption on the Spanish island of La Palma has stopped.

The second lava flow is moving slowly and will certainly not reach the sea on Thursday or Friday, authorities tell the Spanish newspaper

El Periódico


The second lava flow is 500 meters wide at the front.

If the lava reaches the sea, experts say it could lead to explosions.

Toxic fumes can also be released.

The fact that one of the lava flows has stopped and the other flows more slowly towards the sea than feared does not mean that the volcano has lost strength, according to the Spanish Geographical Institute.

The volcano remains active with a cloud of ash and gas up to 4,500 meters high, the institute said.

Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on Sunday.

On La Palma, one of the Canary Islands, there were also Dutch tourists during the eruption.

Dozens of those vacationers had to be evacuated because the access roads to their hotel were threatened by the volcanic eruption.


This is what happens when lava flows into the sea (and a swimming pool)