From this weekend onwards, municipalities will not immediately hand out penalties if entrepreneurs or companies do not enforce the corona admission ticket (CTB).

In the event of repeated violations, the local triangle (municipality, police and Public Prosecution Service) can proceed to a so-called order subject to a penalty of 2500 euros, which can go up to 10,000 euros, or even closure of a location.

That is the outcome of a meeting on Wednesday between the Ministry of Justice and Security and the chairs of the Security Council.

From Saturday, the corona pass is mandatory for access to the catering industry, the art and culture sector and (sports) events.

But entrepreneurs or companies that do not check the QR codes of visitors do not have to fear a sanction immediately.

The triangle focuses "on locations where it deems the risk of contamination and/or non-compliance the greatest".

According to the ministry, this "does justice" to the efforts made by entrepreneurs and institutions "to comply with the measures".

The cabinet previously announced that it would allocate 45 million euros to help with the enforcement of the corona admission ticket.

"This money can be used, for example, for security guards, inspectors or hosts who help entrepreneurs with the control of the CTB", according to the Ministry of Justice.

It is not yet known how that money will be distributed.