A 20-year-old employee at a gas station in West German Idar-Oberstein was shot dead on Saturday evening for refusing to sell beer to a man without a mask.

The assailant was arrested Sunday morning.

The suspect stated that the "pressure of the pandemic forced him" to shoot the employee in the head.

The 49-year-old man is said to have felt that he was being pushed into a corner and "saw no other solution", local prosecutors report.

The gunman tried to buy two six-packs of beer on Saturday evening, but the employee pointed out the obligation to wear a mouth mask in the store.

The man then left the gas station.

An hour later he returned, this time wearing a mask, and wanted to buy beer again.

When he set the beer down at the register, he pulled the mask off his nose and mouth.

The seller again tried to encourage the man to comply with the mask obligation.

The man then pulled out a firearm and shot the employee in the head.