On Friday, the first day of parliamentary elections in Russia, independent observers identified around 2,000 irregularities.

For example, people would have voted more than once.

That's what observers from


, an independent voter rights organization, said in a report published on Saturday.

Also, votes are said to have been recruited and large groups of state officials, many in uniform, mobilized to vote so that the ruling United Russia party could secure victory.

St Petersburg local politician Irina Fatyanova, formerly affiliated with opposition leader Alexei Navalny, tweeted: "It was a terrible day. Greasy and filthy".

In contrast, Ella Pamfilova, the leader of the Central Election Commission, praised the organization of the polls.

This committee also reports foreign interference in the form of three cyber attacks.

Two of them would have been directed against the commission's website, the third would have been a ddos ​​attack, which overloaded the server.

Elections in Russia started on Friday and will last three days.

The Russians elect a new State Duma (lower house), which has 450 members, as well as regional and local governments.

The United Russia party is currently the largest party and is regarded as Kremlin-friendly.

It supplies all the ministers in President Vladimir Putin's cabinet.

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