The Public Prosecution Service (OM) will open a criminal investigation into possible discrimination due to sexual orientation at Gomarus schools after a report from the education inspectorate.

There, students would be forced to come out.

The Gomarus School Community has branches in Gorinchem and Zaltbommel.

The Education Inspectorate previously received alarming signals and started its own investigation.

As a result, the inspectorate filed a report with the Public Prosecution Service.

In March, former students of the Gomarus School

came forward

in the


to say that it happened to them that they were forced to come out.

Outgoing Minister of Education Arie Slob previously called the stories of the young people "extremely painful" and thought it was "extremely brave" that they dared to tell them.

"That couldn't have been easy."

The minister emphasized that every student should be able to feel safe at school.

"That means, among other things, that no school in the Netherlands is allowed to condemn or reject students on the basis of their sexual identity," said Slob.

"Not in a statement of identity, not in their admissions policy and not in their school culture."