The pre-trial detention of eighteen-year-old Hilversummer LO in the case of the fatal abuse of Carlo Heuvelman in Mallorca has not been extended.

According to the chambers of the Central Netherlands District Court, there are currently "insufficiently serious objections" to detain him longer.

The Hilversummer is still suspected of committing open violence at the café De Zaak in El Arenal and the nearby boulevard.

A total of eight people were detained because of the violent incidents on 14 July.

The 27-year-old Heuvelman was the only fatal victim.

Others were also attacked in the street.

A group of thirteen Dutch people between the ages of eighteen and twenty are said to have been involved in both incidents.

Last Tuesday evening,

Investigation Request

paid attention to the case.

Heuvelman's father told his story on behalf of the family.

He hopes that witnesses who have not yet come forward will overcome their trepidation.

Blurred images of a number of wanted witnesses were also shown.

The broadcast provided the police with at least 17 tips.

Someone would also have provided new footage.

One of the wanted witnesses also reported to the police after the broadcast.