Dutch drugstores are struggling with a shortage of anti-worm pills.

According to drugstore chain Etos, the raw material for the drug is not available,

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Small children are especially at risk of worms in their stools.

The bugs lay eggs near the anus, which then spread quickly.

Hygiene is therefore a good remedy to prevent the spread.

Mebendazole is the only drug that kills the worms, larvae and eggs.

Kruidvat has had the pills "very limited or not at all" on the shelves for months, according to a tour of

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Etos speaks of a shortage of raw materials for the medicine.

For example, children run up the eggs if they ingest sand from a sandbox containing cat poop.

The worms are not dangerous, but they are uncomfortable because of the itching the eggs cause.

When children scratch themselves, the eggs spread further through the hands.