Actor Outi Mäenpää gave an exceptional speech on a live TV broadcast of the Jussi Gala on Wednesday evening.

Mäenpää was sharing the Jussi Award for Best Direction with actor Seidi Haarla, when, quite surprisingly, he gave an emotional speech.

- It is a great pleasure and honor to share the Jussi Award for directing, Mäenpää started.

- The 2010s were a turning point in the Jussi Awards for directing.

Until then, only men were awarded.

In 2013, Maarit Lalli stepped on stage with that award, loaded with a heavy symbolic value.

Then Mäenpää would breathe a sigh of relief and blow his thoughts into the air.

- Okay, I remember that moment.

I thought then, because I shared it with Jussi, that a man, the genius Sauli Niinistö, would arrive, and suddenly a woman was coming towards me.

Suddenly I realized I needed to check whose glasses I was looking at the world through.

I present this challenge to all filmmakers, Mäenpää uploaded, getting applause from the audience.

Maarit Lalli won the Jussi Award for Best Direction in 2013 for her film Section 18. Antti J. Jokinen and Aku Louhimies were also nominated at the time.

Mäenpää emphasized that ethnic background, wealth, gender or other external issues should not affect art.

- When I looked at Maarit Lalli, I thought, Sauli Niinistö, where are you.

At the end of Mäenpää's speech, the audience burst into stormy applause.

- Sorry Seidi, I deviated from the protocol.

I consider you one of the most talented young actresses, she finally apologized for her speech to a colleague who had listened to it politely in the background.

This year, Hamy Rameza's First Snow, Zaida Bergroth's Tove and Jenni Toivoniemi's Seurapeli were nominated for the Best Direction Jussi Award.

Bergroth grabbed the prize.

According to Wikipedia, the Jussi Award for Best Director has been won by a 74-year-old man and a three-year-old woman.

For two years, the women were on a shared Best Direction Award recipient when there were several directors in the same film.