North Korea fired two more ballistic missiles on Wednesday morning, South Korea reports.

And that just as the foreign ministers of South Korea and China met on Wednesday in Seoul over concerns about North Korea's recent missile tests.

The missiles landed in the sea off North Korea's east coast, outside Japan's so-called economic zone.

Last weekend, North Korea also tested a new type of cruise missile, which some analysts believe had nuclear capabilities.

The tests underscore progress in North Korea's weapons program as the United States pushes for the dismantling of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs in exchange for the easing of US sanctions.

China, North Korea's main ally, has also pressured the country to dismantle its nuclear programs.

On Tuesday, the main nuclear negotiators of South Korea, the US and Japan met in Tokyo. There, they expressed their unanimity on the need to continue the dialogue with North Korea on denuclearization and to continue to look for ways to break the deadlock with North Korea.