Anyone wishing to visit a catering business, cinema or event from 25 September must show a corona pass.

The outgoing cabinet will probably announce this in a press conference on Tuesday evening.

You can also get the pass without a computer, smartphone or CoronaCheck app.

That's how it works.

The corona pass is currently already mandatory at major events.

A corona certificate is also required for travel within the European Union.

You can get a corona pass if you:

  • are vaccinated.

  • Have had corona in the past six months.

  • Have a negative test certificate of no more than 24 hours old.

People who have a smartphone can create a corona certificate with the CoronaCheck app.

You can read how that works here.

However, not everyone has a smartphone or wants to use the CoronaCheck app.

But it can also be useful for those who do use the CoronaCheck app to have extra paper proof in their pocket.

For example, if your phone has failed and you want to go into a cafe.

For those people it is possible to print the proof.

You can only print the corona certificate if you:

  • Have a DigiD account.

  • Have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative.

  • Have a computer and printer at your disposal.

You can arrange a paper corona pass


this website


You can choose proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test.

After your choice, log in to the website with DigiD.

This is a kind of digital passport with which you can log in to government websites to arrange your personal affairs.

You will then see a screen stating that a PDF document of your corona proof has been made.

You can print this document and take it with you to a restaurant or cinema, for example.

If you do not have a DigiD, smartphone or computer with a printer, you can have a paper corona certificate sent to your home.

For this you can call the CoronaCheck helpdesk on 0800-1421.


Why the corona pass is not mandatory according to the cabinet

Paper proof also has a QR code

Just like in the CoronaCheck app, there are two QR codes on the paper proof.

One for the Netherlands and one for abroad.

The only difference between the paper and the digital proof is that the CoronaCheck app changes the Dutch QR code every few minutes.

Whoever checks the QR code cannot find out where else you have used the code.

Of course, the QR code cannot change on paper.

The paper version therefore offers less privacy, according to the national government.

To solve this problem, you can regularly print a new proof that contains a new QR code.

A paper proof is valid for one year.