In the biography of actor and singer Samuli Edelmann, published in early September, Samuli goes through the story of a beloved interpreter and actor and tells very honestly and in detail about Edelmann’s alcoholism.

Edelmann's long-time friend, actor Aake Kalliala, has played a significant role in Edelmann's sobriety.

In the book, Edelmann also thanks his friend for his help.

- For the most part we had a nice time, we were drunk in a bunch.

But Samuel set out to become his father-in-law.

It became such a total sucking.

There was no point in it anymore, Aake Kalliala recalls the wild years now for IS.

- Our common mood in the city was such a brisk evening.

There was momentum and exciting situations, laughter and sometimes even crying.

There are good memories of that time too, until it then went too far for Samul.

Kalliala woke up seriously to Edelmann's alcohol use.

The duo had come to continue a festive evening at Kalliala's home.

The biography describes a significant moment when Kalliala offered his friend help:

Aake Kalliala woke up to a strange collision at home. He couldn't believe his eyes: Samuli burst in front of Aake's bar cupboard and had drunk everything he could from the cupboard. The man had come to party with Aake the night before and stayed the night. Aake spoke to him, “Now it is time for you to help. I know a sober doctor. Sut has to get a break. ” Samuli was so turbulent that he could no longer resist. He went where he was told and acted as if he had been at the scene. Aake took Samul to Myllyhoito. Now a dot would be put on his sip tube.

- I followed Samul for a long time that it is not good to sing now if there is no change.

Then there was the moment we were with me.

That's when I started telling Samul if you wanted help.

Samuli mumbled that yes.

And that's where it started.

It was a high time, Kalliala recalls the moment.

However, Edelmann's path to a non-alcoholic life did not begin immediately with treatment, but the journey was still to be made.

In the book, the scene continues as follows:

Samuli himself agreed to severance treatment only to reassure anxious people.

In the severance, he said aloud what he had known for a long time: “I am an alcoholic.” Speaking the truth out loud was relieving, but Samul’s derailed thinking made a significant insight turn against himself.

If once he was an alcoholic, then drinking should continue. He reluctantly went through the days of treatment.

Group therapy, medication, sleep and food.

No booze.

Samuli acted in his real-life role in Mill Treatment as a recovering alcoholic, but waited for the moment to get back to drinking.

Although Edelmann eventually closed the cap only later, Kalliala's assistance was a significant impetus to Edelmann's sobriety.

Aake Kalliala is a long-term friend of Samuli Edelmann.

Photo: Lassi Rinne / IS

Samuli Edelmann's biography will be published on September 1.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

KALLIALA first met Edelmann when this was a little boy.

Kalliala was at the Theater Academy and her singing teacher was Toni Edelmann, the late father of Samuli Edelmann.

- We became friends with Toni.

I was with Toni, we rotated a lot in our free time together.

That’s when I first saw Samul, it was such a little snout.

The boy already had a slightly hoarse voice at the time.

I wonder what will happen to that boy after a while, Kalliala laughs.

When Kalliala acted in the Group Theater in the play Moniminä, the young Samuli Edelmann came several nights to watch rehearsals that lasted for many hours.

- It would sit there.

I told Samul not to go to this job, but that's how it left.

And well, that's the situation for him, Kalliala says, referring to Edelmann's successful career.

Kalliala and Edelmann still have warm distances today, although they do not see each other very often.

Kalliala reveals that the duo also have joint work plans.

He can't mention anything more.

- Samuli works in Helsinki and is a busy singing boy and actor boy.

I live there in Mikkeli.

Because of that, not properly dealing, but always in the heart nonetheless.

The phone sometimes shakes, but rarely, Kalliala chats.

Last week, Aake Kalliala was seriously injured after falling from his cottage pier to the beach water on his neck.

He had to stay on a long sick leave as well as interrupt the filming of the new Mind Blower movie.

Samuli Edelmann cheered his friend on a visit and posted a picture of it on social media to the delight of many over the weekend.

- Fortunately, my dear friend Aake is getting better.

Strength and recovery !, Edelmann wrote.

Kalliala has known Edelmann for decades and therefore knows this well.

- Samuli is an open, very sensitive person.

He is skilled in his work.

Samuli tells the story with a song when the story.

His ability to process lyrics through song is in a class of its own.

IN 2018, Edelmann told IS that giving up alcohol has been a big deal for him.

- My sobriety about 17 years ago.

It’s been by far the biggest turning point in my life - so great that I don’t even remember talking.

That, if anything, changed me as a person, Edelmann emphasized at the time.

Edelmann said he believed life would not be the same if he had not been sober.

- Without sobriety, I wouldn't sit here.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t be on this planet anymore either.