The outgoing cabinet is also considering making a corona admission ticket mandatory in the catering industry, at events, sports competitions and in art and culture.

This was announced by outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) on Friday after the cabinet meeting.

The cabinet will make a decision on this on 14 September, which can then take effect on 25 September.

The cabinet previously announced that such an obligation will be introduced, but it would only apply from 75 visitors.

That limit may be abandoned, according to De Jonge.

According to the minister, a group of about 1.8 million people who have not been vaccinated or who have not built up immunity after a corona infection, create a complicated dilemma in the autumn.

It could lead to thousands of new hospital admissions.

In order to prevent pressure on healthcare and not to impose new restrictive measures on society, the corona admission ticket will become more important, according to De Jonge.

The stretch in healthcare is gone and that also applies to society, according to the minister.

If more people work with entrance tickets, "it would be a possibility that you let go of the 1.5 meters wide".

In this way, the cabinet wants to avoid having to stick to "restrictive measures for everyone" for a long time to come.

De Jonge is not afraid that the widespread use of admission tickets will create a dichotomy in society.

"I am afraid that if the cabinet does not make these kinds of choices, we will make it much more complicated in society and that tension will increase further."

According to the minister, another tension is that measures will be imposed on society as a whole or that many events cannot take place because some of the people are not vaccinated. De Jonge believes that "we are past the non-commitment. We really count on everyone's responsibility to get out of this pandemic."