The police have found traces of the DNA of Ridouan T. on a bullet casing,

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It is the first time that the police find hard evidence of a possible link between T. and a liquidation.

The bullet casing was found after an assassination attempt in Amersfoort in 2014.

38-year-old Samir 'Babbel' Jabli was killed in that attack.

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has seen confidential documents from which this emerges.

The investigation assumes that the murder was planned by the same organization as the 'misdemeanor' of the innocent Mohammed Alarasi (22) in Amersfoort.

Ridouan T. heads that organization.

Nabil B., the key witness in the Marengo trial, confirms that T.'s gang is behind those liquidations.

T. is the central suspect in the Marengo trial, in which he is on trial for plotting multiple murders.

The murders of Alarasi and Jabli are not officially part of the Marengo file.

The DNA on the shell casing was already linked to Ridouan T. last August. He was heard on July 15 this year about the discovery of his DNA on the shell casing, but did not want to make a statement.

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Lawyer doubts value of find

Inez Weski, the lawyer of Ridouan T., says that the forensic value of the material still needs to be investigated.

"In any case, it is clear that such traces on movable property say nothing about their origin and time of origin. Unfortunately, the file is filled with more of this kind of meaningless material that apparently has to be leaked to third parties."

Mohammed Alarasi's sister, Najima, is thrilled with the news about the DNA match.

"The murder must be solved. I hope that people who have relevant information will report," she told

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