The Noord-Holland-Noord police are again conducting a search for the missing Sumantha Bansi in the Hulk recreation area today, because a sniffer dog would have tracked down something in the area.

"It concerns a different part of the Hulk than in previous searches for Sumantha," the police writes.

A sniffer dog from the Signi Track Dogs Foundation is said to have been attacked in the area.

This organization specializes in searching for drowned persons with dogs, following tracks and finding missing persons.

Agents have long suspected that Bansi's body was dumped in the area by suspects.

Previously made

De Telegraaf

announced that the police have recognized location data from Google suspects.

On April 19, May 6 and June 30, the 22-year-old student from Hoorn was also searched in the Hulk.

In April, a broken shovel was found in the area, believed to have been used in the attempt to hide the body.

Bansi suddenly disappeared in February 2018.

The police assume that the student has been the victim of a crime.

It may have been an honor killing, because Bansi would have gotten pregnant from B. She would have wanted to keep the child.

Earlier it appeared that B. said in wiretaps that he killed Bansi.

He also spoke of "disposing of a murder weapon".