The Yankee, familiar to all Finns, will turn 70 this year.

In honor of the anniversary, the Yankee brand teamed up with Aseman Lapset ry to promote the well-being of children and young people.

The Yankee is now challenging everyone to spend moments of well-being together with Aseman Lapset ry.

But what unites the nationwide organization of children and youth and the Yankee brand?

- We both believe that small actions matter when we create a more positive world, says Milla Vihanto, who is responsible for Cloetta's xylitol communications.

From this value base was born Smilefulness.

What if Finns who diligently use xylitol products were made to stop for a few minutes in a busy everyday life, and think about pleasant things in everyday life?

Vihanto wanted to test the idea on three teenagers in his own family first.

He admits the reception was initially, well, a little biased.

- Hey, what exactly is this thing?

first heard from the girls mouth.

But then the offspring got excited to try, and everyone found nice things in their own daily lives.

Two million acid attacks

The benefits of xylitol are well known to Finns.

- Yes, Finnish families with children know the benefits of xylitol chewing gum and lozenges well, a big thank you to health care professionals, says Vihanto.

Vihanto himself has worked before his communication career as an oral hygienist.

- More than 80 percent of kindergartens use xylitol pastilles after a meal and it has become an established part of children's daily lives, Vihanto says.

In addition to supporting the well-being of the mind, the anniversary campaign aims to combat two million acid attacks.

The collaboration with Asema Children includes the donation of as many as 60,000 xylitol products to the Friends activities run by the organization, where children, young people and parents are taught important emotional skills.

In addition, Cloettans have contributed their expertise in marketing Friends activities.

The anger was impressed when the idea of ​​Smilefulness was tested in one primary school.

- Each of the 22 students in the class easily came up with something nice about their own everyday life, it felt really wonderful.

And of course the children also wanted to hear Vihanto from the moment of good mood.

- I was really happy to be able to ride a horse without a saddle, I didn't drop!

Anger laughs.


Tell us, what made you, your spouse or your child happy last?

What made your lips smile everyday?

We value 100 bags of Yankee jars (main prize) and 3 product bags with Yankee jars and lozenges among all participants.

We also pick the best stories and tell them to readers.

Stories are exploited anonymously.

This is how you keep the Smilefulness moment

1. Put a xylitol jar or lozenge in your mouth

2. Stop for a moment and turn off the phone

3. Think about what has delighted you today

4. Tell it to your family too - notice how it makes your day feel good!