When pole vaulter Wilma Murto advanced to the Tokyo Olympic final, former NHL hockey player Jussi Jokinen ventilated freely.

Jokinen, 38, supports Murto, 23, financially in his athletics career.

- I myself have attended two Olympics, so I know what kind of investment it is for an athlete.

And I knew Wilma was having trouble with this Olympics, Jokinen says.

Fracture made history after making the effort to the final with a score of 455.

- It was a great feeling to follow Wilma's race, and I look forward to the finals.

It can be said that in the final, Wilma only has to win.

And maybe it was Wilman’s luck that the races moved a year forward.

Jokinen, who played 951 regular season matches in the NHL in his great career, decided in 2016 that he would start supporting the athlete financially.

- I know that it is not easy to be an athlete in Finland.

My spiritual coach Tuomas Grönman said that there is such a pole vaulter as Wilma Murto, who is a really determined athlete with great potential.

Jokinen decided to start supporting Murto in the career of this athlete.

During the Tokyo Games, he has given his protégé peace of mind.

- I put a message a couple of days before the race that now you can focus on your dreams!

Fraction responded with thanks.

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Jokinen, who returned to Kärppi in Oulu in 2019 and ended his career last season, enjoys life after his career.

Elo has settled in Oulu.

- So far it has felt good, Jokinen, 38, smiles.

Peerka Rinne, another fly legend who also ended her career last season, gives peer support.

- We have been playing a couple of rounds of golf and we have exchanged ideas.

I'm with you for my decision, at least for now, Jokinen says.

The women’s finale final will be jumped in Tokyo on Thursday starting at 1:20 p.m.