Disputes related to holiday cottages have increased during the Korona period, says Uutissuomalainen.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority is told by Uutissuomalainen that last year the agency received almost 300 contacts related to cottages, compared to about a hundred in the past.

This year, KKV has received about a hundred contacts so far, which means that the number still seems to be higher than usual.

According to the experts interviewed by Uutissuomalainen, the disputes may be due in part to the growing popularity of cottage rentals, as overnight stays by domestic customers have increased during the Korona period and there are many first-timers among both customers and cottage owners.

The amount can also be explained by problems caused by the Corona period.

For example, in the case of bookings canceled due to the corona, there has been, according to the case, uncertainty about the costs between the parties.