The Tokyo Olympics saw an incomprehensible, new world record on Sunday, as well as many other great finals - especially in athletics.

Surprisingly, the fastest man in the world comes from Italy, the high jump saw a great spirit of sport and particularly rowdy vents.

Ilta-Sanomat's Olympic verdict bundles Sunday's biggest topics.

Journalists Rami Tuisku and Marko Lempinen report on the competitions in Tokyo and Harri Pirinen on home delivery.

Rami Tuisku


It was mind-boggling superiority.

Yulimar Rojas already loaded the triple jump in the opening round with 15.41, in which he broke the Olympic record.

The competition for the Olympic victory practically ended at that moment.

At last, the Venezuelan stretched 15.67 and broke Inessa Kravets ’world record of as much as 26 years.

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Aidan Walsh secured the boxing Olympic medal on Friday.

The ecstatic Irishman bounced into the air after the medal was confirmed with dire consequences.

Walsh’s ankle folded so badly in the jump’s descent that he was unable to compete in his semi-final spot for the Olympic final.

Walshin was content with the bronze medal.

Midfield boxer Aidan Walsh rejoiced all too rudely.



Many South Korean men had sent archery messages to An San online.

The reason for the posts was that An San has short hair!

An San told of hate messages after making history in Tokyo.

She became the first South Korean woman to win three golds in one Olympics.


Bingtian Su burst into a soaring performance in the semi-final of the 100-meter run.

The Chinese fast-tracker tore up a huge difference with others in the starting acceleration, even though the other world champions were accelerating alongside him.

The Chinese set a new Asian record with a time of 9.83.

In the final, he was sixth (9.98).


As many as seven men played the remake of the golf Olympic bronze.

The relentless playoff game stretched to the fourth rematch, with Taiwan’s CT Pan securing the bronze.

“I’ve never been so eager to be third in the race,” Rory McIlroy, who was involved in the remake, told the BBC.

Xander Schauffele from the USA took the Olympic victory.

Marko Lempinen


Australian swimmer Emma McKeon reached the Olympic trick in Tokyo, which had previously only been possible for women by the Soviet Marija Gorohovskaya at the 1952 Helsinki Games, where she won as many as seven medals.

Now McKeon achieved the same with four golds and three bronzes.

A very appreciable achievement because the level of swimming is globally wild.

Australian swimmer Emma McKeon took the podium seven times in Tokyo.

Image: AFP / Magazine image


Men's 100 meters is always one of the biggest phenomena in the Olympics.

The race was again looking for the fastest man in the world, but as the level has dropped, few consider Italy’s Lamon Marcell Jacobs, who won 9.80 during the race, to be the fastest in the world.

Undoubtedly, the biggest subject of speculation was where the Jamaican sprint miracles disappeared and what went into the Yankee printers ’preparation for the booklet.

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Even a surprisingly large audience has already been able to be spotted from the Olympic gallery.

Although spectators are not admitted to the events, those who have been accredited for the Games in one way or another have filled the galleries of smaller arenas in particular.

There, different race guests from different countries have been seen, many of whom have only the role of a tourist in Tokyo.

Why the hell are they here?

If someone imagined that safety distances would hold, then a silly delusion.


It’s just awesome when Norwegian Viking Karsten Warholm wrestles on the track like no other windmill.

It’s so insanely stylish when a Nordic man is able to clock up the tops of the US and other big countries, and always with an equally convincing pull.

Now in the 400-meter semi-finals, Warholm seemed to withstand the pressures.

The finale will see a tremendous rivalry between him and US Rai Benjamin.



Venezuela’s Yulimar Rojas ’performance in the women’s triple jump was astounding.

How can anyone be so superior in a single sport?

Even more incredible was Rojas ’new ME result of 15.67.

A woman can't even jump properly and yet the result is like that - it doesn't make sense.

If Rojas learns the jumping technique, he can break the magical limit of up to 16 meters.


Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas (center) was the number one name on Olympic Sunday.

Spain’s Ana Peleteiro (left) won bronze and Portugal’s Patricia Mamona won silver.

Photo: Patrick Smith / Magazine

Harri Pirinen


Venezuelan’s Yulimar Rojas bounced in the women’s trio with a stunning new ME of 15.67.

Jumping can't be much lighter, more beautiful and more stylish: Rojas was like taking off.

Even before ME, it seemed that the pile of sand needed to be moved, when already the second jump of Rojas came almost all the way to the sand.


A Finnish man does not cry, they say - but let women cry.


It's great that athletes like Tuula Tenkanen and Kristiina Mäkelä dare to show their feelings to the whole nation on Yle's TV broadcasts.

Tenkanen's and Mäkelä's tears could not fail to melt even the hardest stone hearts.

Wonderful, Finnish women, wonderful!

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Not really a mocha, but swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen's update made me wonder: why does Liukkonen often gather such mental pressure on his huge shoulders in value competitions that he breaks under anxiety?

Liukkonen and his close associates have been working on the matter for a long time, but the pain does not ease.

Honest opening is an important opening.

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The spirit of sports and Olympics does not rise higher.

High jumpers Gianmarco Tamberi and Mutaz Essa Barshim decided to split the gold medal on a tie because the rules allowed it.

Tamberi in particular got quite confused about the gold medal.

The man spun on the surface of the field and held his heart pounding with happiness.

Gianmarco Tamberi from Italy was completely emotional.

He shared Olympic gold with Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim.

Image: AFP / Magazine image


Frankly, I never thought I saw an Italian winner in a hundred men.

Italy’s Lamont Marcell Jacobs took the gold even with a European record of 9.80.

The last time a European had celebrated a hundred Olympic gold was almost 30 years ago: the British Linford Christie in Barcelona in 1992.