The sprinter will not run between the stations Driebergen-Zeist and Veenendaal Centrum on Friday from 9.30 am to 1.45 pm.

For the second time this week, this is due to a shortage of traffic controllers at rail manager ProRail.

A sick report at the traffic control post previously resulted in train traffic between Utrecht Centraal and Arnhem Centraal, Ede-Wageningen and Barneveld Zuid and Utrecht Centraal and Rhenen coming to a standstill from 11 p.m. on Thursday to 7 a.m. Friday.

As a result, planned works could not go ahead.

These will now be carried out on Friday, and as a result the sprinter will not drive between Driebergen-Zeist and Veenendaal Centrum.

Due to insufficient occupation, fewer trains ran around Utrecht last Wednesday from early in the morning until 3 p.m.

Earlier this month, in June and last year in September and October, things also went wrong.

ProRail speaks of "structural personnel problems".

The company has been trying for some time to compensate for possible shortages at traffic control posts by deploying staff from posts with good staffing levels at the 'problem locations'.

ProRail is also trying to temporarily deploy recently retired employees and former air traffic controllers who have started working in other departments for their former work. In the longer term, ProRail hopes to attract new train traffic controllers.