Tomorrow will be the first Black Saturday of the year: the day when it becomes very busy on foreign roads due to holiday traffic.

Although many people take the car for a holiday within Europe due to the corona virus, it is possible that the crowds will now spread more, says the ANWB.

"Saturday will be the busiest day, that's for sure," says a spokesperson for the ANWB.

"Multiple things are happening: a lot of departing holiday traffic in France, people who leave our country to the south and also many people who come back from holiday."

And that makes it very busy on the roads, especially on Saturday.

Especially on the well-known Route du Soleil, a lot of traffic is expected to be in traffic jams.

It will also be very busy in the Swiss Gotthard tunnel.

"The expectation is that the traffic jam there will not resolve at night either."

The ANWB sees that this year fewer people choose to make a long flight, due to the corona virus.

As a result, many people go on a car holiday within Europe, which can also lead to busier roads.

Whether that is actually the case remains to be seen.

"What we also see is that traffic is spreading more this year," said the spokesperson.

"Last weekends it was also busy and France almost touched the 1,000 kilometer traffic jam."


Why we end up in traffic jams on Black Saturday

No black Saturday on Dutch roads

In the Netherlands itself this weekend is not a black Saturday.

"It can get a bit busier, but it is not comparable to the crowded roads abroad," says a spokesperson for Rijkswaterstaat.

"Saturday is a changeover day; people go to and from a holiday address. This makes it slightly busier than usual. A traffic jam can occur here and there, but it is not the case that the whole of the Netherlands is fixed."

The ANWB advises Dutch holidaymakers who go abroad to try to travel on another day in the first instance.

"If you have to hit the road on Saturday, it is wise to leave a little later. If you travel after 10 or 11 hours, you will follow the traffic jam. In the most favorable case, they will resolve in front of you. ."

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