Israel will give people over 60 the opportunity to be vaccinated a third time with the Pfizer vaccine from Sunday.

As far as we know, Israel is the first country to give the elderly a third corona shot.

People normally get two corona shots.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed the "additional vaccination campaign" on television.

The official kick-off will take place on Friday.

President Isaac Herzog then has himself pricked for the third time.

He will be the first in the campaign, but will not be the first Israeli to receive a third dose.

For several weeks, the so-called boosters have been administered to residents with a weak immune system.

The third dose follows at least five months after the second shot, in the hope that the elderly will then remain well protected against COVID-19.

Commissioners reportedly could not agree on the age at which people should be eligible for the additional dose: 60, 65 or 70 years.

That is why a top executive of the Ministry of Health was given the last word.

Israel also vaccinates vulnerable children from the age of five

Israel will also start vaccinating vulnerable children aged five to 11 against COVID-19 from next month.

These are children who, due to their health condition, are at risk of serious complications after being infected with the virus.

They receive a 0.1 milliliter dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, three times less than the standard vaccination.

The country is one of the frontrunners in the field of vaccination, but still has to deal with a rapid spread of the delta variant.

Especially many unvaccinated young people become infected.

However, according to the newspaper

The Jerusalem Post

, it is increasingly common for elderly people who were vaccinated five to six months ago to test positive.

In the EU, Hungary will offer a third corona jab from August. There should be about four months between the second and third injection. There is also a vaccination obligation for healthcare workers in the country.