Forest fires in southern Turkey have killed four people and injured more than 180, local authorities reported Thursday.

Thousands of firefighters have been dispatched to crowded tourist areas along the Mediterranean coast.

Dozens of fires are still raging in Turkey, but most of them are under control, according to the Turkish minister of agriculture and forestry.

Emergency services previously rescued ten people from a boat when it bobbed on a lake surrounded by burning forest.

A hotel near the tourist town of Bodrum had to be evacuated.

The cause of the fires is still unknown.

The police suspect that fires that broke out in the tourist town of Antalya were arson.

This is because the fires broke out in four places at the same time.

The fire flared up Thursday in an area with few residents, but spread during the day to areas with many hotels and holiday resorts.

The fire was fueled by high temperatures and strong gusts of wind.

Four thousand firefighters received help from three Russian fire-fighting vehicles, among others.

Greece and Azerbaijan were also ready to provide assistance.


Wildfire destroys houses in southern Turkey