Finland's Antti Vikström fell in the archery of the Tokyo Olympics after extremely dramatic stages.

Vikström faced Khairul Anuar Mohamad of Malaysia in the first playoff round.

The Finn got off to a great start and had the opportunity to cut off the match already in the fourth set of three arrows.

However, Khairul stretched the solution to the fifth set, where Vikström would have had enough draws to continue.

Vikström started his series by shooting 7, Khairul responded with 8.

Then the Finn faced a shocking misfortune.

Vikström was firing his second arrow as his spring broke during the tuning phase.

The Finn quickly switched to a spare spring but did not get an arrow before the time limit was reached.

Vikström was scored 0 on the scoreboard, and Khairuli had an easy job of leveling the match.

The solution of the match was sought with further arrows, and the first shots were enough.

Khairul shot ten, Vikström, who was still out of his mind.

Vikström's victory would have been a surprise, as he was ranked 45th in the opening race when Khairul was 20th.