The Amsterdam police arrested a fourteen-year-old boy on Tuesday evening who is suspected of involvement in the serious assault of fourteen-year-old Frédérique in Amstelveen.

According to witnesses, she was the victim of LGBTI-related violence on Monday.

The arrested teenager comes from Amstelveen.

Police do not rule out further arrests.

There would be several more - minor - suspects.

Prior to the assault, there would have been a confrontation between Frédérique and the suspects in the Westwijk shopping center.

The group repeatedly asked whether she is a boy or a girl.

When Frédérique refused to answer, a boy allegedly punched her in the face several times.

The girl broke her nose and several teeth as a result of the severe assault.

The victim suffered a jaw fracture, among other things, her father reported on LinkedIn.

Frédérique was treated in hospital for her injuries.

The girl has received statements of support from all over the Netherlands and abroad.

Her family said they were overwhelmed "in a very good way" by the support.