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Norway tightens rules for Dutch tourists

Norway will tighten the corona


from Monday for, among others, Dutch travelers who want to visit the Scandinavian country.

All travelers who are not fully vaccinated are required to be quarantined, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

Travelers who received the Janssen vaccine more than three weeks ago or who received their second shot with a different corona vaccine more than a week ago are considered fully vaccinated for Oslo.

Visitors who are not fully vaccinated must register before arriving in Norway and present a negative PCR test and be quarantined for a period of ten days.

Of these, the first three days must be spent in a hotel assigned by the Norwegian government.

After a negative PCR test on day four, it is in principle possible to complete the quarantine in a desired location (hotel or house).

Children under 12 do not need to be tested.

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Delta variant dominant in coming months

The delta variant of the coronavirus has now spread to 124 areas worldwide, the health organization WHO reports.

It is expected to become the dominant variant in the coming months.

The WHO predicts that more than 200 million people could become infected with the delta variant within a few weeks.

The number of infections with the delta variant is rising, especially in Europe and the countries west of the Pacific.

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Suriname relaxes corona rules and shortens curfew by 3 p.m.

Surinamese are allowed to go out on the street again from Saturday until 9 p.m. That is three hours longer than was the case in the past 2.5 months. The maximum number of people allowed to be together has gone from five to ten.

Another important relaxation is the reopening of recreational resorts, casinos and other gambling facilities, the Surinamese government reported on Saturday. Secondary education students are also given the opportunity to take tests.

The number of corona infections and deaths in Suriname has been decreasing for several weeks, although there were days in the last week when the number of positively tested people was higher than the day before.

The death toll has been between one and five a day in recent days.

On average, around thirty patients a day are cared for in the intensive care unit.

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